About Loretta...

Loretta has worked in the green industry and been passionate about horticulture since her first job in a plant nursery 35 years ago. She is a Colorado native and resides in Loveland. Loretta has earned degrees in Fine Art, Landscape Horticulture; concentration in Landscape Design and entomology from Colorado State University, and is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. These qualifications and years of experience in the green industry have allowed her to develop expertise in many areas of horticulture. In her free time Loretta enjoys gardening, hiking and biking with her husband Kevin and practicing agility with her dog Coda.






Mission Statement

Loretta's goal is to provide homeowners with unbiased, expert information and assistance in many areas of horticulture. She has always felt that the key to success is knowledge and strives to pass her knowledge on to clients to assist them in developing and maintaining a flourishing landscape. Loretta always works for the best interest of her client in anything she does, and performs each job as if it were for herself.